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A lighthouse for the companies

LP rating responds to the needs of evaluating new customers and updating the creditworthiness of existing customers, in order to help the company adopt a credit protocol that is fair, flexible and fast.

LP Rating makes use of over 10 years of experience in the field of budget and financial evaluation, with hundreds of companies analysed. It allows you to select and classify customers based on a certain level of reliability, minimizing the risk of insolvency and giving effective value to their trade credits.


When making a sale, it is important to research and predict the likelihood that the customer will be able to pay his business debts, and decide accordingly on the line of credit to apply

Credit Rating

A credit rating is determined through the analysis of financial performance.

Business credit scores are rated on a scale of zero to 100, and are indicators of a customer's financial reliability


Customers need ongoing credit analysis. A customer's creditworthiness can vary for several reasons and is one of the main financial aspects to monitor over time

Do you wish to assess the financial health of a customer or potential customer?

Utilize our Rating Report (sample) for an impartial evaluation of key financial parameters of liquidity, financial stability and profitability. Choose the package that best suits your needs:

It is essential to provide either the VAT number or identification details of the customer to be analyzed*.

Our reports are typically dispatched within 3 working days, depending on the chosen package.

Payment can be made via bank transfer or PayPal. Prices do not include VAT.

For further information, please send an email to or complete the contact form.

* the data provided will be used exclusively for the purpose of budget analysis and preparation of the Rating Report


1 Credit Report

Evaluate 1 single company

27 £


3 Credit Report

Rate 3 companies

Save 30%

59 £


10 Credit Report

Rate 10 companies

Save 50%

135 £


Contact person: Lorenzo Piva

                             Rating Analyst






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